Azerbaijani matrimony traditions will include a variety of traditions and ceremonies that occur after and before the wedding. These rituals help prepare the few for their wedded life. The traditions are usually accompanied by a reception. The reception is a prolonged event that includes live music, meat, and traditional Azerbaijani dishes.

The groom’s family unit buys clothing and jewelry for the bride. They decorate the bride’s house and deliver gifts to the bride’s family group. The items symbolize a new residence. The surprise might incorporate mohur (shashlik) or jewellery.

A handful of days prior to wedding, the “ev bezemek” ceremony is scheduled. The formal procedure is meant to provide the newlyweds with all the essentials. online dating safety tips The religious kings read the teachings through the holy Quran about relationship. The few is then declared husband and wife.

The wedding feast lasts three to four hours. Azerbaijani relationship traditions incorporate dancing. The newlyweds dance together to traditional Azerbaijani tunes and songs.

Azerbaijani weddings usually last with respect to 40 days. Some young families may experience a seven-day marriage ceremony. A rich family can hold a wedding ceremony for 3 to four evenings.

Azerbaijani marital relationship traditions include a dowry. This dowry can be delivered to the bride’s home 2 to 3 days ahead of the wedding. The dowry may include the wedding garments, mohur, and prayer yoga exercise mat.

The bride’s family members prepares for the wedding. They make the dowry by simply gathering family members. Their particular relatives acquire and deliver food, sweetmeats, and garments to the bride. The dowry is usually furnished in the house.